November 30, 2022

Terrible Casino is a terrible name, but it’s a great local hangout. Here you can still get a full prime-rib dinner with salad, baked potato, and vegetables for just seven dollars and change.

Terrible’s is located in East Flamingo about a mile from the swanky Strip resorts of Bally’s and Caesars Palace. It was formerly known as Continental. These casinos are mainly used by Las Vegans who go out at night to enjoy entertainment by Cookie Jarr or Crumbs.

It is most often described by the term “Eye Destroyer” slot.

Jerry Herbst, a member of the Sin City Dynasty clan, bought the property a few years ago and completely remodeled it.

The resort’s popularity is reflected in its newly built, always-filled parking lots, snaking buffet lines ($5.95 per person for a hearty breakfast, compared to at least three elsewhere), and spring and summer pool parties.

Terrible’s is now the headquarters of Herbst’s gambling business. It mainly consists of a chain of gas stations with video poker machines and slot machines. However, one-handed bandits are also installed in other outlets such as grocery stores and convenience stores.

It stalled during UNLV’s four-day March Madness opening.

Every seat in the small, but very well equipped, sports book was filled. It’s located on the ground floor, north side corner.

The late bookmaker Sonny Reizner, famous for turning the old Castaways into an internationally acclaimed venue, would likely call it a “hole in the wall” book.

Detroit native Doug Beil is a former colleague and friend who describes him as a crazed Red Wings fan. He oversees racing and sports operations.

He was tall, well dressed, and looked young bonus138. Beil started his career at the Bally betting table under John Avello, a veteran bookmaker. Before he was promoted to his current position at Wynn Las Vegas, he worked briefly at Hilton.

Beil is a loving father to two track stars and a football player. It’s hard not to love him.

Hamilton Ward, Hamilton Ward’s colleague at the SuperBook, said that “he loves eccentric European sports like football, auto racing, and things like the Tour de France.”

“He set up Mexican football chances before Hilton.

“He is a great contestant and looks after his customers.”

As usual, Beil was busy on Tuesdays but found time to talk about a variety of topics of the mainstream variety.


He said that even though Sweet 16 was going slowly, there was still a lot to do on Thursdays and Fridays.

“So far, bets have been split between UNLV & Oregon, but I expect on Friday we will receive more UNLV money.

“Right now they (gamblers), are playing Georgetown and Ohio State.”

The Hoyas are 7 1/2 points clear of Vanderbilt, while the Buckeyes are 4 1/2 points clear of Tennessee. Both games are scheduled for Thursday.

Georgetown is seeded second from the East, while Ohio State, which is top-ranked in the South, is seeded first.

Beil will support the Rebels, who are 2 1/2 point underdogs to the Ducks.

Beil stated, “They can win. That’s why Oregon remains a minor favourite.”

“UNLV is a great defense. They are persistent and deep.

“If they can get past Oregon, Florida will be hard to beat. But all the pressure will be on UNLV and UNLV will have nothing.

“If Florida and UNLV had played ten to fifteen times, the Rebels could have won a pair and maybe this would have been one of them.”


Beil claims that baseball bettors are so obsessed with hoops now that futures bets “dribble” every day, but Boys of Summer is ignored.

Beil stated, echoing the wailing of Vegas bookmakers that “everyone bets on the Cubs”.

Chicago’s Northsiders are now at 4/1 in the Terrible World Series futures book, down from 50/1.

“Do you think they can win?” Biel said.

“I don’t believe so, but we’ve placed more bets this year on the Cubs than ever before.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do something, but I don’t believe it will.”

Southsiders Chicago is another matter.

Beil anticipates that the White Sox (2005 Fall Classics champions) will return in the 2007 photo.

Beil stated, “They were strong and played a good defense. But no one else actually jumped at me.”

“The same teams that fought last season have to do it again this year… the Yankees, the Red Sox and Chicago in the East, and Detroit in the Middle.

“The White Sox didn’t make it to the playoffs last season, but I’m sure they will come back.”

“The Twins have young pitching talent and it all depends on how it goes, especially (Francisco Loriano).

“At AL West I will see the Angels.

“Si A must lose some players.”

Beil enjoys the Cardinals, Mets and Dodgers in the National League.

He stated, “As far as betting goes, it is always best to bet on teams from New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.”

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