November 28, 2022

Focus On Very Large Poker Pots – With other players watching closely the action (especially with the three kings on the board), they anxiously await the Turn cards.

The turn was a pathetic 2c of low fabric this time, Judy wisely decided to try a pay raise. Seems like a smart thing to do to make an “ia” pot. After he checked, Helene arrived with the stakes. Jeff said, just as Judy wanted. Next Judy slowly ended her raise check.

After studying her hand, Helene got up again. Jeff contemplated his condition. Focusing on a very large pot and glancing at his holecards, he called one more time. But then… That’s certainly not a surprise: Judy wakes up again, making her bet four; and his two rivals named this latest bet to see the River.

The river was truly rare, indeed – King of spades! That puts quad Kings on the board. The odds at that happening are almost 50 to 1! Judy, who made the first move, pondered for a moment, studied her holecards, and looked at her two rivals as if trying to read their minds. Kings full of Aces will take pots – giant pots – using the Ace kicker for the best five cards in the hand. He probably never considered that one or both of his two rivals might hold an Ace in the hole.

I can think of him thinking, optimistically: “There’s no way Helene or Jeff could beat my Quad Kings with an Ace kicker.”

With all the bets and raises, can you think about the size of that pot? Judy bet on the River. Helene bounced back, and Jeff made a three bet. Undeterred, Judy closes the bet with a 3rd raise.

Clash: All three, Judy, Helene and Jeff, in order, open their cards. Each holds the same “champion” hand – quad Kings with an Ace kicker. The pot consists of three steps. You may be asking: Who won all the money? They share the blind bet – and that’s it. But it sure is fun – far from start to finish. Think you’re the only one Judy out of pocketing all the awful pots: The King of Spades. One card can make a big difference in the results.

And when you consider there are 2,598,960 five-card poker odds in a deck of cards, this one bonus138 is really weird. Really rare! But then, it was just another dream.

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