November 28, 2022

There are times when we can disagree with existing Poker pairs – A poker friend asked me what I thought about an interview published in late February in another publication. The interview was with World Series of Poker bracelet winner Ryan Laplante, where he discussed defending the Big Blind. Qualifications: Over the past seven years, Laplante has won $1.8 million online, $1.5 million live, and practiced no-limit hold’em.

Laplante explains that defending his Big Blind against preflop raises depends on many factors, most notably stack size, raiser position, size of raises and antes, and how well his opponents are playing. For example, he said, “if a really good player opens more than two big blinds and I’m looking down on the J-7 offsuit… I might call. But if a weak player opens up to 2.5x, I definitely call, and it’s not even a close decision. ”

Maybe that strategy works in an infinite game; but for limited play (my choice), I have to disagree. My comments here are focused on medium/low limit hold’em (not no limit). In limit play, the factors that Laplante identifies do not apply except for the type of opponent you are playing against.

If it weren’t for the Big Blind, I would never have bonus138 invested another chip in the J-7 hand. According to the Hold’em Algorithm, the J-7 offsuit doesn’t even come close to the minimum score criteria to be considered a playable starting hand in any position. Holding such a weak hand in the Big Blind position, I wish there was a free card to see the flop; that is, no raises. (Never turn down a free card.)

If there’s a raise, I’ll rely on Alert Hold’em to decide if I should call that raise to defend my big blind. That requires a multiway pot – three or more opponents calling to see the flop – and no further raises. I will look to my left before calling the raise, to try to see if the opponent is preparing to raise; if so, I’ll get my hands dirty right away. The reason, of course, for multi-lane pots is to ensure that there’s a decent sized pot in case I’m lucky (likely against me) and my J-7 hooks on the flop.

In addition, I will weigh my decisions based on the type of opponent in the hand. In particular, I would immediately fold my hand if a tight player calls for a raise – or if he raises it.

What’s more, any player I observe who plays weak hands, especially from the blinds (unless Hold’em Caveat applies, or he can see the flop for free), I will sign up as PokerPigeon. He was simply gambling with multiple odds against him. If his hand improves on the flop, he will most likely pair one of his two holecards, which are only 2 to 1 odds against him.

If he catches a pair of 7s, your opponent will likely drop a higher or better pair, or may hold a higher pocket pair in the hole. Pairing his Jacks on the flop would have been much better, but he lost to another pair of Jacks with a higher kick. Of course, he could be very lucky and could make the trip or better on the flop (the odds are more than 70 to 1). Now we are talking about a very long shot!

I “like” such opponents; they will surely lose. And I would welcome them to my table at any time – along with their “donation” of chips.

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There is another occasional poker player who calls himself Big Al
November 10, 2022 Gambling Online

There is another occasional poker player who calls himself Big Al – Winning your WSOP bracelet is sure to be admired by many, I could spend the rest of this column chasing my tail in this argument with myself. Anyone who wins a WSOP bracelet is to be admired. You can call them whatever you like.

I used to love playing low limit games on the Strip, but haven’t played regularly in years. I learned quite a bit about other people and myself while playing poker. Some lessons contain false wisdom, but they are lessons learned.

One of my teachers was a less fortunate man, named Dennis. We used to call him the “Big Den.” He taught me that you usually lose the way you win and win the way you lose. It’s undeniably poker that applies to life in general. He and the others will examine the various hands and refer to the drama that

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